Tree Condition Surveys

The Occupiers Liability Act 1954/1980 requires that trees are maintained in a safe condition so that foreseeable damage and harm does not occur due to tree failure. Under this Act landowners and managers have a legal duty to ensure the safety of all their trees on site. To comply with this legislation, we offer tree condition surveys and reports that will identify potentially hazardous trees and provide reports based on a comprehensive management schedule.

The survey will focus on the physiological health and structural integrity of trees, taking account of the trees’ biomechanics, supportive growth and response to damage or dysfunction.  To do this we assess the trees’ individual functional units including the crown, stem and root plate looking for weaknesses in distinct components. This can include, although is not limited to, the identification of weak branch unions, pathogenic fungi, tree disease and susceptibility to wind throw.

It is important to recognise that risk associated with trees is inherently low, and that the management recommendations should be proportionate to the potential risk. We offer targeted advice, provided by certified arboriculturists, to reduce potential risk, while promoting overall tree health. We are not affiliated with any tree surgery company and remain independent to avoid conflicts of interest.

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