Replanting Assessment and Valuation

In line with the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 Section 197, local authorities have a duty to ensure that for any development, adequate provision is made for the preservation or planting of trees. This translates to providing adequate mitigation planting for any tree loss expected as a result of development, as described in an Arboricultural Impact Assessment. Local planning authorities have varying degrees of requirements in accordance with their local planning policies and some may require greater mitigation measures than others. In some local authorities, simply replacing ‘like for like’ can be adequate replanting, however some may require significantly more, with multiple trees being specified for every tree that is removed. To aid in decision making, we offer analysis and valuation of replanting proposals and compare them to proposed tree removals using i-Tree Eco. This method is cited for use within ‘The London Plan Policy G7’ to ensure developments are providing adequate replanting schemes. Our arboricultural expertise can help shape the performance of replanting proposals, so that mitigation scenarios are robust and meaningful.

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