i-Tree Eco: Ecosystem Services Assessment

i-Tree is an urban forestry software suite developed by the USDA Forest Service and adopted for use in the UK by Forest Research. i-Tree Eco quantifies the environmental services of trees and calculates tree benefits such as carbon storage and sequestration, stormwater mitigation and air pollution removal. Using carbon prices and UK social damage costs this can be expressed as a monetary value, so that trees can be communicated as assets contributing value to society. An i-Tree Eco study can shape policy decisions, provide effective resource management and is often the first step in identifying the priorities in tree planting objectives. Since 2011, it has been used to develop urban forest strategies across the UK.

We offer i-Tree Eco analysis and reports so that clients can understand the composition and structure of their existing tree stock including its corresponding performance value. We will provide detail on which species are providing the most benefits, the diversity of the population and identify replacement risks associated with pests and diseases. This can include modelling mortality rates and tree planting scenarios so that tree cover is strategically managed, kept sustainable, and is working towards long term climate adaptable goals.

The report is based on tree survey information. Depending on the size of the study area, we will either perform a full inventory of the trees or use plot based sampling methods to an agreed level of certainty dependant on time and budget.

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