Ecological Design for CSH/BREEAM

With BREEAM assessments becoming ever more important in securing planning consent, getting the right input from a Suitably Qualified Ecologist can help you to demonstrate the credentials of your scheme. Similar principles apply to Code for Sustainable Homes assessments although these are becoming less commonplace.  

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    I will pass on your details to my colleagues for consideration on other projects as I am really pleased with the service provided on Brentford Lock.

    Hazel Swan, Senior Design Co-ordinator, Willmott Dixon Housing Limited
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Category 11 (Land Use & Ecology) of BREEAM UK New Construction (2014) is formed of five sub-sections (LE01-LE05) with a total of 10 Credits available. The category addresses the following issues:

  • LE01:  Site selection (2 credits available)
  • LE02:  Ecological value of site and protection of ecological features (2 credits available)
  • LE03:  Minimising impact on existing site ecology (2 credits available)
  • LE04:  Enhancing site ecology (2 credits available)
  • LE05:  Long term impact on biodiversity (2 credits available)

LE01 is not directly related to ecology as it relates to current land use and the potential for contamination.  The information required to complete the remaining sections is normally collected during a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal or Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey for use in the BREEAM GN13 Ecology Report Template. Note that some of the information required to achieve a maximum score under LE02-05 would necessitate a post-construction verification visit to site, and/or production of a landscape and habitat management plan.