Capital Asset Value for Amenity Trees (CAVAT)

In some instances, where tree removal is unavoidable, local authorities may wish to be compensated for the loss of a tree’s amenity value. CAVAT (Capital Asset Value for Amenity Trees) is a method favoured by tree officers for quantifying the monetary value of amenity trees in towns and cities and is a policy requirement for replacement planting within The London Plan. CAVAT was developed by Chris Neilan and the London Tree Officers Association as a method for managing trees as public assets instead of liabilities. Any damage to or removal of trees can be compensated for using the CAVAT system and the funds claimed redistributed to further tree planting initiatives. The calculations are based on tree dimensions, condition and the geographical area the tree is located. Larger trees in high population densities are afforded the most value and consequently it is utilised by local planning authorities in more urbanised areas, with London boroughs being where this kind of assessment is most frequently requested. We offer comprehensive CAVAT assessments of trees and reports for compensating tree loss should this be a requirement of a planning application.

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