Tree Canopy Cover Analysis

Tree canopy cover is a measure of the 2D area that tree canopies inhabit in our towns and cities.  Knowing the canopy cover percentage of an area provides an indication as to whether tree planting targets are being met and a good degree of benefits are being received. The minimum recommended canopy cover percentage for UK towns and cities is 20% (15% for coastal locations) with a suggested target of 30%. Most local authorities will have their own canopy cover policies that will include net increases over a given time.

We provide canopy cover assessments to measure existing tree cover and can provide forecasted projections using tree survey data or planting scenarios to map changes over time. Dependent on budget and the size of the study area we can provide this using either using survey data or desk-based methodologies. This will include a valuation of tree benefits using i-Tree, based on carbon sequestration and storage, storm water attenuation and pollution removal.

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