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Zoë Benefer

BSc (Hons) MSc Qualifying member of CIEEM
Assistant Ecologist

012763 686766

Zoë joined the full-time ecology team in early 2024 after completing a masters in Global Biodiversity Conservation MSc and Biology BSc at the University of Sussex. Here she had several experiences in scientific study creation and execution both in the UK and abroad in Egypt and Zambia. Her master’s thesis was carried out at the Millenium Seedbank in Kew (Wakehurst) and studied the effect of temperature on salt tolerance during germination across several species of salt tolerant plant species to model climate resilient crops for coastal UK agriculture.

Zoë has independently volunteered on two research trips in Honduras and Costa Rica, where she focused on the study of Birds, Bats, Amphibians and Reptiles as well as various habitat surveys with a focus on carbon storage calculations. This research supported several PhD research projects and monitoring projects based in Honduras. Closer to home, she participated in the JRA (Junior Research Associate) Scheme where she conducted a funded research project with the Evolution, Behaviour and Environment department in the University of Sussex to identify several new Barbastelle bat roosts across South-East England, through the collection, identification and analysis of UK bat call acoustic data.

Whilst studying, Zoë worked freelance as an assistant ecologist for Brighton-based ecological consultancy firms for two seasons, working on bat emergence, return-to-roost and activity surveys as well as Hazel dormouse surveys and GCN torch and eDNA surveys and GCN translocations from both small and large scale projects.

When not working Zoë regularly trains and competes in Brazilian Jujitsu and volunteers with the Sussex Wildlife Trust.