Rosie Marston

Rosie Marston

Principal Ecologist
01273 686766

Rosie’s Master of Science degree coupled with twelve years’ experience as consultant ecologist have enabled her to develop consultancy skills to a high level.  In addition to her on-site expertise across a broad range of species and habitats, Rosie is experienced in client and contractor liaison, managing team members and co-ordinating and managing project tasks along with providing and reviewing analytical reports.

Rosie’s special interest is hazel dormouse surveys and mitigation, and she volunteers with the National Trust in her spare time to monitor dormice at Scotney Castle and contribute data to the National Dormouse Monitoring Programme. This has allowed her to expand her knowledge on dormouse ecology, and she has been invited in the past to feature on BBC’s Countryfile and George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces.

Prior to joining the Urban Edge Environmental team, Rosie worked for a number of ecology consultancies across the Southeast of England where she progressed through the ranks to become a Principal Ecologist in 2021.  Alongside the day-to-day tasks of undertaking surveys, data analysis and report writing, Rosie was also named ecologist on dormouse mitigation licences, has managed several high-profile projects, and was responsible for in-house CPD and designing technical report templates.

Rosie is also continuously developing her skills in badger survey and mitigation, and she has been involved in badger bait marking studies and several sett closures including a large main sett.