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Christina Pullan

Project Ecologist

01273 686766

Christina is experienced in undertaking a broad range of species and habitat surveys, preparing ecological action plans, and delivering effective site supervision to ensure compliance with environmental and health and safety legislation and best practise.

Throughout her career, she has supported a range of schemes across sectors such as transportation, flood protection, water industry, and residential and mixed-use (re)development schemes, within urban, rural, coastal and marine environments. Christina has a broad environmental background and has worked directly with project managers, architects, engineers, and clients including private developers, local planning authorities, the Environment Agency and Natural England.

She is experienced with working on schemes with numerous environmental constraints, and sites within or in proximity to European and nationally designated sites. She has supported Habitats Regulations Assessments (HRA’s) and biodiversity net gain (BNG) assessments by collecting UKHab condition data and processing it using the BNG DEFRA Metric.

When not busy with ecological pursuits, Christina enjoys Latin dancing and occasionally performing these skills on stage.  She is also a keen hiker with her most recent adventure being a solo hike through the Alps.  Christina has also been known to lead volunteers on coral reef scuba diving surveys in Madagascar.