Becci Waders 1

Becci Bond

FdSc BSc (Hons) MCIEEM
Principal Ecologist
01273 686 766

Becci is a Principal Ecologist with over twelve years’ experience in professional practice. She is experienced in client and contractor liaison, managing team members and co-ordinating and managing project tasks along with providing analytical reports.

Becci specialises in hazel dormouse surveys and mitigation and has implemented four European Protected Species mitigation licences for the species. Becci also has extensive experience in surveying for other taxa, particularly bats and great crested newt, but also including badger, birds, otter, reptiles and water vole. She holds a Natural England Level 2 Class Licence to trap and handle great crested newts, a Level 1 Class Licence to handle dormice, and a Level 1 Class Licence to disturb bats.

Becci has contributed to or led production of EPSM applications for a range of projects affecting bats and great crested newt. She is also co-author on Preliminary Ecological Appraisals, BREEAM/CSH assessments, Ecological Impact Assessments and Ecology Chapters for EIA. She is experienced in implementing and overseeing mitigation strategies as an Ecological Clerk of Works.

Becci is a Full Member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management. In addition to ecological surveys and impact assessment, Becci assists the environmental planning team in the preparation of Habitats Regulations Assessments and Strategic Environmental Assessments.