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Ash Dieback Control Plan published

A new initiative to tackle the spread of Ash Dieback was published this week, along with the Interim Report of the new Tree and Plant Health Taskforce.

According to Defra, the plan sets out initial targeted, science-based and proportionate action to control the Chalara fraxinea fungus and provides a framework for future action as our understanding of the disease develops.

The plan has four key objectives:

  • Reducing the rate of spread of the disease
  • Developing resistance to the disease in the native ash tree population
  • Encouraging landowner, citizen and industry engagement in surveillance, monitoring and action in tackling the problem
  • Building economic and environmental resilience in woodlands and in associated industries

The actions announced in the Control Plan include research into resistance to Chalara, funding to accelerate the development of ObservaTREE, a tree health early warning system using volunteer groups, and advice and guidance to industry on improving their resilience to Chalara.

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