EM 1

Emma Mitchell

BSc (Hons) MSc
Graduate GIS Consultant

01273 686766

Emma is a recent masters graduate who specialises in Geographical Information Systems (GIS).  She is experienced in a range of mapping tasks and has been with Urban Edge Environmental since September 2023.

Prior to joining our team, Emma completed an MSc in Applied GIS and Remote Sensing. This involved studying the role of spatial data in a variety of areas from public health to environmental management, with a particular interest in habitat suitability mapping and land use and land cover change. Her course also focused on the application of GIS tools within environmental management and learning how these skills can inform environmental impact assessment to support decision making. She is highly proficient in spatial analyses and the production of maps using ArcGIS Pro, Arcmap and QGIS. In her dissertation, Emma modelled the risk of invasive lionfish species range expansion in the Mediterranean depending on various climate warming scenarios. This project required the use of statistical and machine learning modelling techniques, as well as the programming languages R and python, and is hoping to publish her work.

Emma completed a BSc in Ecology, Conservation, and Environment at the University of Sussex, volunteering for a local conservation charity alongside her study commitments.  In this capacity she was able to observe and participate in various tasks, including bat, dormice and owl surveys and assisting in placement of bat and dormouse boxes. Emma’s education, coupled with her volunteer experience, have given her a strong background in, and understanding of, the ecology and the data collection side of the business that go hand in hand with the GIS tasks involved in her role at UEEC.

Outside of work you’ll find Emma running, mountain biking (downhill), and generally enjoying time in the great outdoors.