Tarek Koudmani

Tarek Koudmani

BSc (Hons) MSc GradIEMA
Graduate Environmental Consultant

01273 686 766

Tarek is a recent masters graduate and environmental consultant who specialises in environmental assessment and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). He is experienced in a range of planning, environmental management and assessment skills, with a particular focus on Sustainability Appraisal (SA)/Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA), Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) and geospatial data.

Since joining Urban Edge Environmental in June 2022, Tarek has been involved in SA/SEA and HRA across several projects including; the SA/SEA and HRA for the Southampton Vision Local Plan, the SA/SEA for the Runnymede Local Plan, and SA/SEA and HRA for the West Northamptonshire Strategic Plan.

Prior to joining Urban Edge Environmental Consulting, Tarek completed a MSc in GIS and Environmental Management, graduating with Distinction. In his MSc degree, he studied the role of spatial data in environmental management, with an additional focus in urban and town planning. He is highly proficient in spatial analyses and the production of maps using ArcMap and QGIS. In his dissertation he researched the impact transport infrastructure has on cycling ridership in urban environments and is currently in the process of publishing his work.

Tarek completed a BSc in Forestry in British Columbia, working for two years in the industry as part of his course. In this capacity he conducted various environmental assessments, including soil, riparian, and ecological assessments, and delivered geospatial data from projects to clients.

Tarek’s studies, coupled with his professional experience, has given him a strong background in environmental assessments, data collection, GIS, and town planning, giving him a detailed understanding of the implications of planning and environmental legislation for private developers and local authorities alike.

Tarek is a keen runner, having just completed the Barcelona Marathon and loves sports in general, particularly ice hockey and basketball.