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Greenspaces and Recreation Planning

Creating, enhancing and managing greenspaces is essential to achieving sustainable communities. Multifunctionality is the key, to enable best outcomes in the context of properly planned and assessed green infrastructure that embraces its wider setting in the landscape.

Understanding how greenspaces are accessed and used by people, and managing this access, plays a central role in our design and practice work particularly.  Interpreting this is informed by empirical data on greenspace provision or deficit, size, accessibility and proximity.  But it must also take account of the frequency and pattern of use, the type of user and their intended activity.

Our team has undertaken extensive field surveys of greenspace user activity to properly inform planning for provision and design of greenspaces to meet multiple objectives.

The resulting analyses are used in conjunction with environmental data – including ecological value, notable habitats and species, ecosystems services, flood risk, deprivation and several other factors, from both primary and secondary sources – to establish bespoke objectives for a potential site, inform site selection and enable multifunctional designs.